Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops. Website design and strategy by Teak in San Francisco.

A Trippy Introduction to a new Mind-Bending Beverage

It was an honor to collaborate with Lagunitas on the launch of their brand new, category defining beverage: Hi-Fi Hops, a cannabis infused hoppy sparkling water. Not a beer (though with a hoppy kick) and with no calories, let’s get this straight—this is water that will get you high.

In a way, this project was an extension of our Lagunitas website redesign that we launched back in January, but in another way, it was of course exactly not that. It was something entirely different. It was the digital manifestation of the category shift that is the first non-beer product from Lagunitas. Specifically, the task was to create a landing page experience, not just a product page. Naturally, we had to go extra-dank for the design, and we were delighted to stumble on an acceptably chronic kaleidoscopic design motif. Our resulting landing page became one filled with ever-shifting movement and colors that speak to the mind-bending nature of the THC and CBD that the beverages are infused with.

Check it out at

Hi-Fi Hops will initially be available at dispensaries throughout California.

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