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Teak Academy: Storytelling

Teak Academy: The Art of Storytelling

Teak Academy is a monthly event here at Teak. It’s part education, part entertainment and part just get everyone together and have a good time.

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do, whether it’s defining a brand or creating content to market that brand. That’s why we created Teak Academy–to explore and learn about the many forms of storytelling.

So far we’ve done a variety of activities that run the gamut from cooking to improv. A highlight was a visit to The Moth, which is an amazing live forum for people to share their stories. We’ve also done a couple very interesting historical tours around Jackson Square (where our office is), to hear the stories of how our little part of San Francisco came to be.

And there’s a reward for taking part in Teak Academy–a custom patch that represents your participation in each event.

We have a three word mission at Teak: “Inspire. Be Inspired.” We love events like these because they take us out of our everyday lives, out of our comfort zones, and inspire us with new thoughts and new ideas. Even better, Teak Academy brings us together to inspire each other.

Santa Barbara Surf Trip

Santa Barbara Surf Trip

In late January, Greg Rowan, one of our creative directors, and I rented an motor home and headed down the coast to hopefully luck into some of the amazing swell that El Niño has been providing us this winter. We wanted to get out of these winter conditions up in San Francisco, where you have to be very particular about where you paddle out so you don’t get your ass handed to you. The waves up north are rugged and ask that you always be on top of your game. So we headed south to Santa Barbara to a point break that only breaks when the swell is big and perfect. We parked our moho right on the point and woke up to perfect, sunny, point break conditions. We weren’t the only ones. About 50 other surfers had made the same call. Some professional surfers who could really rip. Doh!

And, so, the jockeying for position began, where you test your limits against those around you. You ask for permission through your abilities, and you provide yourself with permission because of your confidence. Or you go look for other spots to surf where there is less humanity and you can just surf the waves that come to you in a more Zen manner.

We’re thinking that Teak’s next office build-out could be a 25’ motorhome. An office on wheels that takes you to a space where you can be relaxed and Zen. A space where ideas flow like the world and surf around you.



JanSport Live Outside: Rio De Janeiro

We’re taking JanSport to one of the world’s most iconic cities, Rio De Janeiro, in a whirlwind celebration of street art, music and urban culture in our fourth year of JanSport’s Live Outside brand and content marketing effort.

For those unfamiliar, Live Outside is a content-based brand effort centered around street artists collaborating to paint a gigantic mural in a different city each year. We film the whole thing from inception to completion and then celebrate at the end with some amazing local bands, doubling down on our theme of creative collaboration. We’re showing off what happens when self expression and urban exploration collide.

Building Brand Value through Authentic Content Marketing

The goal is to build JanSport’s brand value to our audience through real, engaging, authentic content. We know that talk is cheap and action is everything. We and JanSport have a true commitment to street and youth culture, and we’ll be exploring and engaging with neighborhoods like Lapa and Santa Teresa– artistic and bohemian hotspots where artists, craftspeople, and the young come together. We’re also going to highlight the flavors of the city, literally by checking out some local food, but also by getting a taste of the streets– taking part in activities like kite fighting, capoeira, charmes (a spontaneous DJ hosted dance party on the street) and a lot of sand and surf.

And this year people are going to be able to experience Live Outside in completely new ways. We’ve packed virtual reality cameras, 360 cameras, GoPros, live streaming and even drones as part of our production package, allowing us to really show off the directorial chops of our Creative Director Greg Rowan and our Director of Photography Jesse Green.

We took off on February 24, follow us live as we transform an empty wall into art on the livestream.


Cor Indiegogo Product Launch

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get insights into what’s happening inside your body, and learn how well the steps you’re taking to get healthy are working? With the Cor Precision Health Tracker you will – and all within the comfort of your own home. Using an incredibly small sample of your blood, Cor spectroscopically analyzes your blood chemistry to identify key markers that give you insights into your health. Users can then view this wealth of information on the Cor App to track their health, fitness, and risk of disease.

Building a Social Community Ahead of a Product Launch

We’re really excited for a chance to work such such a revolutionary new product and business, and have partnered closely with the founder and startup team to bring this to market. We’ve defined brand strategy, visual identity, brand platform and voice and are working right now towards a pre-launch on Indiegogo. Ahead of that launch, we’ve developed and executed on a product launch social media strategy to build an engaged community. If you’d like to be a part of it or want to learn a bit more about the Cor product check out our sign up page.