Since May of 2016 we’ve partnered with Addepar– a finance company that seeks to provide fairness, open-ness and honesty to the financial world. They are a truly transformative financial technology (“fintech”) company, with a goal to reduce the complexity of finance and in turn make it more stable and fair.


Teak partnered with Addepar to create a positioning, visual identity system and brand story. We clearly defined their purpose to engage their audience and (in their words) change the financial world. We completely re-imagined their website and developed a content strategy, along with all content for the site. We produced a documentary series featuring their clients and the visionaries behind the company as well as engaging and educational product overview and tutorial videos.


Perhaps the only thing more complicated than actual finance is the way finance and “fintech” (financial technology) companies talk about themselves. It was critical for us to develop a story that was simple and clear to set them apart in a crowded financial and fintech space. The key centerpiece to this story, and their brand, is the website. It’s where we educate. Inform. Provide thought leadership. Funnel to lead generation. And attract the best talent to work there.

Addepar Website. Made with Aloha by Teak in San Francisco.
Addepar Website. Made with Aloha by Teak in San Francisco.

“Openness, transparency – these are among the few weapons the citizenry has to protect itself from the powerful and the corrupt.”

Michael Moore