The internet in America sucks. We’re not even in the top twenty worldwide. We didn’t realize this until we met with Dane Jasper, founder and CEO of Sonic. He sat us down and explained his vision for giving everyone in the USA truly high-speed internet, and asked us for our help to get the word out.



The problem is that most of us get our internet from a very few, but very large internet providers. It is not in those companies best interests to provide the fastest possible speeds. In fact, they profit on keeping speeds lower, by charging more and more for small increases of speed over time.

Sonic is a small company in Santa Rosa, without the deep pockets necessary to build a nationwide high-speed network. For Sonic to break through this barrier, they have to generate grass roots demand on a per-neighborhood basis. When enough people sign up, Sonic can lay the fiber needed to provide each neighborhood with ultra-fast internet. Our job was to develop a fun, shareable, and informative video to ask for America’s help, one neighborhood at a time.


“We cannot allow Internet service providers (ISPs) to restrict the best access or to pick winners and losers in the online marketplace for services and ideas.”

Barack Obama