April Fools’ with Google

“Google’s Actual Cloud Platform made us laugh out loud” — Business Insider

On April 1, we helped Google announce a major “step up” in their Cloud technology– Google Actual Cloud Platform. Google takes their April Fools’ jokes seriously, so we were thrilled when they called us just a few weeks prior to help. We spent a few days doing live action production at both their Mountain View and San Francisco campuses, followed by some post production magic in motion graphics and editorial. From scriptwriting all the way through the final product, we were so fortunate to work with such amazing partners at Google.

The “launch” was a huge success. In that one day the video reached over 100,000 YouTube views without paid promotion, 104,000 to their website (87% new users), 1185 Twitter engagements (up 69% from their previous record), and 10,000 views to their blog.


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