Inspire. Be Inspired: Danny Plotnick

As a creative agency we encourage everyone here to get inspired and create work outside of what we do in the office for our client partners. As part of our ongoing film series profiling creative people who inspire us, we had the opportunity to tell the story of Danny Plotnick. Danny is an exceptional filmmaker who entered the film world by storm in the 1980’s. He since has created a handful of punk-inspired short films and music videos, garnering attention from museums, film festivals and awards all over.  

We are honored that our little film about Danny was one of 10 short films accepted at the 2019 Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival. We love telling the stories of creative individuals. These inspire our day to day work in content strategy and creating content for brands.

Danny is currently the director of the Film Studies Program at the University of San Francisco. Not coincidentally, he also happens to be a former professor (and current mentor) for a couple of us Teakers.  So we invited Danny to our studio to shoot some photos for his upcoming book: Super 8: An Illustrated History. Clearly, he keeps busy. Super 8: An Illustrated History is going to be a coffee table art book that will encapsulate the history of Super 8 filmmaking. It’s set to be released this October and we can’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

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