Meet a Teaker: Eric Ramin

Eric Ramin gained the nickname “Hobbles” after sustaining an injury playing for the Teak Soccer Team (he always takes one for the team). After that, new ones like Eeetown and then Eeemob followed him around. I guess you could say he’s a man of many names. Whatever you call him, he is also our very talented Lead Motion Designer here at Teak. He started playing with action figures and making illustrations when he was a kid and never stopped. Eric has dedicated his talents across many of our clients including Google, JanSport and Old Navy. He loves a challenge and specializes in unique transitions and logo resolves, as you can see in his reel below.

​Eric has a ridiculously cute and energetic 1 year old dog named Shepherd, (you can see Shep in Eric’s photo on the studio page). Shep’s visits to Teak are greeted with a mixture of excitement and trepidation by our resident office dog Luna (who belongs to our Finance Manager, Michelle). If you wanna know more about Eric, you can check out more of his work here.


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