Oriental Trading Company: Choose Your Summer Party Videos

We love partying with our friends at Oriental Trading Company.

For our most recent project with them, we took celebrating to a new level. We wrote, directed, and produced some over-the-top brand video content to show off the unreal amount of party supplies that OTC offers. We then created an interactive experience for YouTube viewers to allow them to easily explore the different party scenarios.

Things got a little weird at the “Awesome 80s Party.” We showed people how to “Party Like a Ninja.” And we even brought in a fire spinner for “Luau Like You Mean It.”

A staunch patriot and lover of all things red, white, and blue, our own Greg Martinez really got into the spirit of “Go 4th & Party.” You’ll spot him taking flight (sort of) in a bald eagle costume. He was only slightly injured in the process.


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