The story of two great photography brands coming together

How we partnered with SmugMug to make their partnership announcement with Flickr a success.

Earlier today, the news dropped that SmugMug, the largest independent photo-sharing site in the world, announced it had “done gone and purchased” (or acquired) Flickr. Now together, they are uniting the world’s largest community of photographers, pairing SmugMug’s passion and experience with Flickr’s global tribe of tens of millions of photographers.

SmugMug and Flickr’s goal was to ensure to their community that this wasn’t just another business transaction – as seen a few times in Flickr’s past – but a way to unite their communities and put the power back in the hands of those who are enthusiastic about photography…the photographer.

SmugMug partnered with us to tell this story. We worked together to position their message and announce the merging of these two iconic brands under the leadership of SmugMug. The project included cementing a brand voice, brand strategy, social marketing and messaging guidelines, an announcement video and announcement landing page website.

The result was a creative execution that put the focus back on the photographer, quite literally flipping the lens and focusing on the individuals behind the beautiful photos. With the focus on the photographer at its core, Teak helped establish a fully integrated launch campaign driving users to a video and web landing page experience through email marketing, social media and paid media marketing.

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