Teak Academy: The Art of Storytelling

Teak Academy: Storytelling

Teak Academy is a monthly event here at Teak. It’s part education, part entertainment and part just get everyone together and have a good time.

Storytelling is at the core of everything we do, whether it’s defining a brand or creating content to market that brand. That’s why we created Teak Academy–to explore and learn about the many forms of storytelling.

So far we’ve done a variety of activities that run the gamut from cooking to improv. A highlight was a visit to The Moth, which is an amazing live forum for people to share their stories. We’ve also done a couple very interesting historical tours around Jackson Square (where our office is), to hear the stories of how our little part of San Francisco came to be.

And there’s a reward for taking part in Teak Academy–a custom patch that represents your participation in each event.

We have a three word mission at Teak: “Inspire. Be Inspired.” We love events like these because they take us out of our everyday lives, out of our comfort zones, and inspire us with new thoughts and new ideas. Even better, Teak Academy brings us together to inspire each other.

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