Teak’s Got Talent

There’s no doubt that we love a little wizardry at Teak. We live by our motto inspire, be inspired, and one of the ways we inspire is by bringing surprise and wonder into our work at every point we can. We want our work for every brand we work with to feel like magic.

In actual fact, we’re so committed to the art of magic that we actually hired an actual magician. His name is Kevin.

Truth be told, we hired him as a writer, not a magician, and his litterateurgical expertise allows him to spin letters into words into sentences into gold here at Teak. But it must be said that as the title-holder of Teaker With The Most Unique Side Hustle, Kevin also has a regular sell-out live magic show in San Francisco and revealed to us—which we are happy to report to you—that he filmed for upcoming season of America’s Got Talent, which premieres on May 29.

Definitely check out Kevin’s show if you live in San Francisco, and be sure to keep a lookout for Kevin Blake on this season of America’s Got Talent on NBC.


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