The Art of Street Art

greg rowan jan sport brasil

JanSport scout: Sao Paulo, Brasil

Not speaking fluent Portuguese and interviewing Brasilian street artists can be a bit of a bitch to say the least. This is the start of the latest branding campaign we are developing for JanSport. Last year we worked with street artists in San Francisco and Brooklyn, this year it’s Sao Paulo. SP is a huge city with a flourishing street art scene and vibrant night life creating the perfect backdrop for documenting the story of two young street artists Arlin and Nove as they collaborate on painting a huge wall in the heart of Sao Paulo. The journey will take us through all kinds of nooks and crannies as the artists walk us through their city streets and introduce us to friends, music and underground culture. The game plan is to film and photograph every twist and turn and share the journey by creating episodic content, video snippets, clips, Gifs and still images that we can share with the world on the JanSport Live Outside tumblr page.

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