We’re here to work.

(And make it work.)

What more can be said about how our world has changed? No doubt you’ve received countless COVID-19 response emails from companies you barely remember. We’re all trying to figure things out.

We just wanted to let you know that we’re here (well, all around San Francisco now) and working. Here are some things we’ve learned over the last few weeks.

Video meetings are a good way to pass the time.
Not always so good for getting work done.

We start every day with a 30 minute check-in over Google Meet. It’s good for staying on top of workflow, but even better for lifting our spirits. However, for the first couple of weeks we spent almost all day every day, to some extent, in a video meeting. We’re adjusting for that now and learning how to focus those meetings where it counts.

In some ways, communication has improved.
We’re in touch with a few of our clients almost every single day now. Turns out, this not only makes for better work, it makes for better working relationships. And it’s more efficient. For example, we worked with one client every day over the last week and a half to crank out a branded video response to COVID-19. It should be launching by next week.

There is almost nothing we can’t do.
We are still concepting, designing, creating and collaborating. We’re building websites. We’re developing brand strategies and brand identities. We’re editing (and re-editing) commercials and videos. We’re making social content. And honestly, we’re doing it faster. The only thing we can’t do right now is shoot live-action video…unless someone does it alone with everyone else at least six feet away.

Brands need to communicate. Some do it well.
We’ve been hard at work for one particular client developing a message relevant to both the times and their brand. So we’ve done extensive study on how other brands are doing it. Brands who are actually doing something, like Gap and other apparel companies creating protective masks, are doing it right. Companies who are creating clever visual twists on their brands to demonstrate social distancing…not so much.

If you can do something to help, do it. Tell people in a way that’s authentic and communicates your brand voice. It’s important to let people know. It sends a positive message into the world, and it just might compel another brand to spend less time figuring out how cleverly adjust their logo to this new reality… and spend more time helping others in this new reality.

We want to work.
We’re here to help. We all love what we do and want to keep doing it for brands that do positive things for the world. Let us know what we can do together!

Kevin Gammon is the Managing Partner at Teak. His passions, beyond developing brands, include family and friends, playing music, CrossFit, mountain biking, the Chicago Cubs, Denver Broncos and Peet’s Coffee.

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