Basis redefined the personal fitness tracking category with the introduction of their first product, the Basis B1. We partnered with them on that original product to help define their brand position and update their web experience. We then helped them take it to the next level with the introduction of their next generation product: Peak.

Basis PEAK


It was clear that Peak wasn’t designed for everyone. This premium technology came at a premium price.

Defining the brand of Peak meant first defining and fully understanding the people who were most likely to buy one. These are people who are truly “wired differently”– they see fitness as a way of life, not a means to an end. They, like the product itself, are looking to get to the next level and always push themselves a little farther. And they do it every day, no matter how busy their life is.

“Teak did an amazing job working with our team at Basis for our brand video. They pulled together a talented crew and a compelling story. It was a blast working with them. We weren’t just hiring an agency; they made us feel like a family”

Melissa Feudi Creative Director / Basis