Elevating a destination travel ingredient brand.

CityPass Brand Strategy, Identity and Marketing Campaign Development

If you’ve ever been on a family vacation in the USA (or Toronto, which is close enough), you’ve probably seen, or maybe even used CityPASS. They make it easy for travelers by packaging the top attractions in 12 major cities across the US and Canada (and give them big discounts as well). CityPASS partnered with us to create a more modern look and feel for their brand and develop their voice to better capture the attention of travelers and motivate increased sales.


Experiences are the soul of the brand.

When you think back to the best trips you’ve taken, you remember moments. And the feelings experiencing those moments. You remember how small you felt staring up at the Empire State Building. Or how you tried to stay warm as you rode the ferry through the fog covering the Golden Gate Bridge.

As we evolved the brand, we focused on bringing to life these stories. The feelings that each and every one of these “iconic spots” evokes.

The iconic spots.

The branding concept originated from that simple notion. CityPass identifies and curates the “iconic spots” (visitor attractions) for its customers in each destination. From that idea, we developed a simple red dot to be the central branding element. It visually represents the best, most popular, places to go in each destination.


A brand that stands out, yet fits in.

The challenge was to create long-term brand loyalty for an ingredient” brand. Consider that they partner with much larger and well-known brands such as Disneyland. We brought consistency and humanity to the brand– both in voice and identity. We re-worked their entire brand guidelines. A new logo, a more sophisticated typeface, and a re-defined role of photography for the brand.

We then applied that identity to create an asset library. We developed twelve destination-specific videos and templates for marketing content. Just like the amazing trips they help people take, the CityPASS brand is about more than the elements that make it up. It’s about the feeling that people get when they experience it.

CityPass NYC

“When we first approached Teak, CityPASS was new to the world of creating and communicating a singular graphic look and feel, much less a brand voice. The tools and thinking they provided helped us shape every aspect of our brand communications, and yielded results beyond our expectations. We approached Teak with an assignment, but what they gave back to us was our brand.”

Matt Stiker / Chief Marketing Officer & SVP of Sales, CityPass

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