We love any product that puts the power to make beautiful things into everyone’s hands. The Cricut Explore does just that. It’s an incredibly powerful and precise cutting machine (about the size of an inkjet printer) that takes the world of craft & DIY up a notch.

Cut with Cricut


We partnered with Cricut to define their brand position to those people who are passionate about making and crafting, and determine how best to introduce them to Cricut Explore. Our process was one of research and development– we developed concepts and then met with the people who would be using it to get their feedback. What did we learn? That our customers are inherently driven to create– what drives their creation is inspiration. This informed our brand story– as a brand, Cricut “inspires” and our products are the means by which they can create.


“Teak is an outstanding integrated digital agency. They treated our business as if it was their own and created an amazing video that has been very effective for Cricut. They also had excellent capabilities on the analytical side. And finally, they are great people to work with. Highly recommended.”

Dale Pistilli EVP Sales & Marketing, Cricut