As a term, “makers” has become a bit overused. But if you want to connect with the people who really do, make and invent every day– visit We partnered with Instructables (a division of Autodesk) to help take this enormous community to the next level.


As their site traffic grew to 33 million unique visits a month, and with the rapid growth of the “maker” community, Instructables came to us for some help in defining their brand. They saw the opportunity to capitalize on their growth, and to attract more potential advertisers to their site.



The Instructables “Maker” community is a loyal, quirky, and supportive one. And they make some pretty amazing stuff. The branding we created needed to reflect all that.

We started by crafting a new brand voice, then reimagined the main entry point for In this process, we reshaped their website and content, building a cohesive brand experience.

By helping the Instructables brand develop a clear voice, they have seen a lift in site visits–to the tune of an additional 22 million uniques a month– and have recently partnered with major advertisers like Ford, Chevy, Intel, Radio Shack, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It’s been awesome watching them grow.


“Teak was tasked to develop a cohesive brand voice for Instructables that spoke to our existing DIY community, as well as advertisers. They knocked it out of the park by creating a unified voice that inspired both. I was impressed with the whole process. Teak truly is a collective of smart, strategic, and creative thinkers.”

Cloude Porteus, Sr. Manager, Community Products / Autodesk