Developing a brand identity that captured the soul of 1960’s San Francisco.

San Francisco Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Brand Identity & Design

The way of the hippie may have declined, but San Francisco’s legendary dedication to free love and good times is perhaps more important than ever. To celebrate the 50th milestone of the Summer of Love we worked with our long-time partners San Francisco Travel to get people out here to join us in celebration.

Recapturing the spirit.

Our challenge was not to just develop a new brand identity that would inspire the desire to travel to our great City, but to do so in a way that captured desire for both the past and the present. We then created the core marketing assets, which included a large out-of-home presence in London.

We developed a brand identity and communication strategy for all marketing communications, inspired in larger part thanks to the California Historical Society who provided access to their archives and some amazing imagery, poster art and typography from the era. We may or may not have been inspired through other methods used in 1967.

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.”

Janis Joplin

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