SmugMug Brand Strategy & Campaign Development. Created by Teak, a top San Francisco Creative Agency.

Understand your customer.
Define your brand.

SmugMug Brand Strategy & Advertising Campaign Development

We’ve enjoyed a long-term partnership with SmugMug, collaborating on brand strategy and marketing communications across digital, social, email, website as well as traditional offline campaign efforts. Our primary challenge- defining what SmugMug is and who it is for.

SmugMug Billboard Pro Means

What does it mean to be a Pro?

We partnered with SmugMug to tightly define and understand their audience- Aspiring Pro and Semi-Pro photographers. Today, the phone in our pocket gives most of us access to professional level photography tools. What kind of “pro” is SmugMug for? This campaign set out to define that exact question.

SmugMug Pro Means Posters
SmugMug Pro Means Bus Poster
SmugMug Pro Means Social

Brand clarity. Brand awareness. Business growth.

Through our brand work, our job is to grow awareness of SmugMug among our audience, educate them on the benefits of SmugMug and ultimately get more photographers to sign up..

“Turning pro is a mindset. Amateurs let adversity defeat them. The pro thinks differently.”

Steven Pressfield

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