When Timberland approached us to create videos for Instagram and Vine, they were in the middle of finding a new brand voice. The legendary American brand was moving away from a focus on the classic outdoorsman and towards a new identity associated with young, fashion-focused urbanites. Timberland was looking for a partner who could think strategically about how to use social media to reach a new target customer.


We approach every project holistically. Every single bit of communication is thought of in terms of the brand. That’s why the social videos we created showcase Timberland accessories and sandals in the context of a larger brand story. Every detail was thought through– including designing custom packaging for the sandals and accessories. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same can be said for evolving and rebuilding a brand. You have to lay a foundation by creating great content pieces that solidify a new direction for the brand.


In January the Washington Post published an in-depth story on Timberland’s brand revitalization. Profits are up – surging 15 percent in the third quarter of 2014 after more than half a decade of flat revenue. Timberland has committed to redefining itself as an urban brand for the casual outdoorsman. We like to think we had a small part to play in telling that story.

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“God is in the details. So are great brands.”

Paul Rogers, Design Director, Teak