Convincing Millennials to cozy up to a legacy brand.

Duraflame Brand Strategy & Marketing Campaign

The challenge: attract a younger audience to Duraflame. A product they may have affinity and nostalgia for, but haven’t thought about in years. What better way to start a conversation about Duraflame, then to talk about Duraflame around a duraflame® fire. So we hired a guy named Mike and his dog Piggy (both their real names), to do that. Hang out and chat by a fire. Which people do.

We created a comprehensive media and social content strategy to get over 40 videos in front of “bridging millennials.” These are the 20 and 30-somethings who would rather just watch Netflix or perhaps do some online shopping for home furnishings instead of going out to the bars.

“Duraflame Firelogs are lit AF.”

Mike, Actor hired to play the part of Mike

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