MemSQL provides real-time streaming of data and incredibly powerful and fast data warehousing. Sounds tech-y and complicated, and unless you’re a CTO, maybe a little boring. Our first brand strategy job was to unearth what makes this exciting.


MemSQL powers companies like Uber to provide real-time updates for drivers and their passengers. They provide Pinterest with real-time analytics to measure user engagement. You’ve probably heard of their competitors– Oracle, IBM and SAP but not MemSQL. Problem was, CTOs didn’t know MemSQL either.


Our goal was to develop a compelling vision, brand story and identity design to get MemSQL get on the consideration list of CIOs, CEOs and IT managers of Fortune 500 companies. The fruits of our partnership with MemSQL provided their senior management and sales team with the ammunition to communicate why their product provides a real competitive advantage in today’s world.

“Teak was a true partner in re-imagining our positioning, brand story and visual identity. They have a unique talent for translating complex product propositions into a simple, compelling vision for a brand. I believe we gained a true competitive advantage by partnering together.”

Gary Orenstein Chief Marketing Officer / MemSQL