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“Won’t people come here anyway?” That’s a question we often get asked when we talk about working with San Francisco Travel– a not-for-profit city agency charged with driving visitation to the city.


In 2014, we were tasked to develop a new brand position for San Francisco. Why? Well, while lots of people come here, traffic is not consistent throughout the year. San Francisco Travel is also tasked with driving convention and meeting attendance, and provides assistance and support to local business. And they’re expected to do it all with a limited budget. Could we narrow our target to be more effective with every dollar spent?

We dug into some research and found that 95% of people visiting San Francisco say they want to return. Yet only 75% of incoming visitors say they’ve been here before. While not a perfect statistical correlation, this was an interesting gap. What if we just focus on people that have been here before, and remind them why they loved it so much?

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When your friends or family go on trips, they don’t share their dinner receipts or hotel bills. They share pictures. And videos. So when it came time to create content, we did the same (it definitely helps that we live in one the most beautiful cities in the world.)

We developed a content strategy that was mapped to the journey that customers take when planning a trip– from the “dreaming” phase where they start thinking of where to go, to the “booking” phase when they finally commit. Then we created lots and lots of content customized to each stage of the journey. Basically we get to go film and explore our great City as if we were a visitor. Pretty awesome, huh?

“Teak has been instrumental in helping to refine the San Francisco Travel brand and take it to the next level. They are strategic, thoughtful, and highly creative, and have taken our limited budgets and made them work harder for us. They are an essential partner to our marketing efforts.”

Lynn Bruni VP, Marketing Communications SF Travel