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Getting to the heart and soul of a data-centric Saas brand.

Iterable Logo, Brand Narrative, Identity & Website Design

You know the feeling: subscribe to a brand’s email only to receive a generic impersonal message. Iterable set out to change that. Their platform uses marketing data in a more personal way–to help brands create deeper relationships with their customers. Our partnership began when they came to us for a new Iterable Logo. It turned into a long-term partnership to give their powerful, data-centric SaaS product a beating heart and soul.

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A new Iterable Logo.

Iterable has an amazing culture. And a powerful product. They partnered with us to express that in their brand and voice. We also needed to create a unified experience across product, brand and marketing. We were inspired by the countless unique marketing solutions the product offers. It was clear that it needed to be expressed in the brand. We created a new Iterable logo and brand identity that wasn’t static. This identity moves, evolves and (yes) iterates.

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A buzzword-free zone.

Our brand strategy process always starts with the customer. In this case, the customers are marketing leaders: CMOs, Marketing Directors, Directors of Growth. These are tough jobs. To survive, let alone thrive, marketing leaders need to show results, and they need to innovate. The soul of the Iterable brand is about how their unique platform enables marketers to truly innovate. Our voice centered around speaking directly to marketers in a clear and buzzword-free way. Translating complicated technology into a clear compelling story is at the heart of what Teak does– and critical for a company in the extremely crowded, $120 billion marketing technology industry.

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“Teak is an amazing design agency that helped guide every aspect of our new website, from the concept, to the design and narrative, to the video. They cared just as much as our team did in creating something that would truly set us apart, and were invaluable partners throughout the entire process. Hands down, the BEST agency any of us have ever worked with!”

Joey Ta, Senior Manager, Digital and Website Marketing

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