New Redpanda Vectorized logo designed by Teak in San Francisco

A Kafka-compatible streaming data platform brand refresh. With soul.

Redpanda Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Website Design

Renamed from Vectorized to Redpanda (their lead product), we were tasked to create a brand refresh to communicate the massive benefits of their streaming data platform. The goal was to develop a mature, modern brand to grow awareness and win more business. They had captured the attention, and hearts, of developers since founding. They partnered with Teak to create a brand refresh to reflect their growth and credibility and build a personality that could continue to attract itself to the developer community.

Branding posters for Redpanda designed by Teak in San Francisco
Example page from brand elements designed for Redpanda by Teak creative agency

Every brand has a story. Even developer-centric, B2B technology brands.

We love communication challenges. Redpanda is seriously complex technology with a very specific audience. So first, we had to do a lot of homework. With coffee in hand, we dug in and learned as much as our brains could handle about the product. We talked to everyone at Redpanda who was willing to spend time with us, Not just the C-Suite or marketing. We often find that the sales team has invaluable input. They know first-hand what resonates best with their customers.

We then talked to their customers to understand how they perceived the product and brand. All of this input gives us clear understanding of the intersection between what the product does, what the brand can promise and what the customers are striving for.

Homepage for new Redpanda website designed by top creative agency Teak in San Francisco
Logomark designed by top design agency Teak in San Francisco for Redpanda
Billboard out of home for Redpanda created by Teak creative agency

It’s about developers. It’s about speed.

We’ve worked on many, many brands that have engineers and software developers as their primary audience. While, like any audience, every individual within is unique- they do share some similarities in their interaction with brands. They don’t like jargon. They call BS very quickly, especially if any technical writing is wrong. Ultimately, they’re just looking to solve problems in the fastest, most painless way possible. That is promise of Redpanda. It’s a platform that is faster, more hardware-efficient and built around tools they already use.

page from mobile website designed for Redpanda by Teak in San Francisco
Messaging and brand story for Redpanda with Teak in San Francisco

“The hard thing about building technology is building trust.”

Alexander Gallego, Founder & CEO Redpanda

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