Positioning Energy Efficiency as a Business Driver.

Sparkfund Brand Strategy, Positioning and Visual Identity

We are living in a subscription economy. Products like Spotify, Netflix, Google Apps and Salesforce have made the idea of “ownership” outdated. Sparkfund is fundamentally changing the way business accesses the energy that powers them. They make it possible for companies to pay a monthly fee for energy efficient lighting, heating & air conditioning and the technology that controls them.

Getting to the soul of a B2B brand.

While truly innovative, this is a complicated B2B offering. We needed to develop a simple, human brand story that was compelling on both a rational and emotional level. In contrast to most “energy-efficiency” communication, we focused on the business efficiencies gained beyond just energy savings. By re-inventing the way energy technology is sold, consumed, and fulfilled Sparkfund makes it possible to reduce non-renewable energy use not by limiting business, but by creating business opportunities.

Crafting the entire brand experience.

We developed much more than a re-imagined brand identity, positioning, brand platform and story. We immersed ourselves in the company and culture. We spoke to customers, and listened in on sales calls with potential customers. We worked closely with Sparkfund to think through all possible touchpoints in the customer user experience. We crafted their website, pitch decks, leave-behinds and developed an explainer video to help support the sales staff. It was a truly rewarding experience to partner with someone who clearly understood that branding is more than a logo, colors and a typeface. It’s everything you do.

“Teak went above and beyond expectations to make sure we were happy. The results – a new brand, stunning design, and crisp articulation of Sparkfund’s value – are proving transformative to our market presence and growth.”

Angela Ferrante, CMO/Founding Team

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